BAFTSS 9th Annual Conference 2021

Postgraduate Research Poster Showcase

The Shortlist

The BAFTSS Executive Committee is delighted to present the Shortlisted Postgraduate Research

Posters for 2021! BAFTSS members and conference delegates are invited to view the twelve research

posters submitted by our excellent PGR members and to vote for the presentation that they consider to

be the most effective.



A prize of £100 will be offered to the research poster that is considered to be most successful. Our aim is to provide a structured yet comfortable forum for scholarly exchange, while promoting the visibility of the research being conducted within our postgraduate community.


The BAFTSS PGR Research Poster Showcase is part of the BAFTSS 2021 Conference on ‘Time and

the Body in Film, TV, and Screen Studies’ 7-9 April, hosted by BAFTSS and the University of Southampton Centre for International Film Research (CIFR).

The Final 12 Shortlisted Researcher Posters:

Hatfield House, the Home of Heritage Narratives.

How are heritage buildings shown on screen?

Rosemary Alexander-Jones

(University of York)

Video link:

Alexander - Jones BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021

Vivien Leigh: Appointment Diaries Analysis

Georgia Brown

(Queen Mary, University of London)

Brown BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.tiff

Gender and Class in the Amateur Film Collection of Wessex Film & Sound Archive

Zoe Burgess

(University of Southampton)

Burgess BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.jpg

Hollywood Interventions into American Foreign Policy in the Films of Peter Berg. Kathryn Bigelow, Clint Eastwood and Paul Greengrass, 2007-2018.

How does the representation of the Other, trauma, memory and national identity engage with US foreign policy and the War on Terror? 

Olivia Flint

(University of Southampton)

Flint BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.jpg

What Does Cinematic Depression Look Like & Feel Like Through Time?

Erin Frantz

(Anglia Ruskin University)

Frantz BAFTSS PGR poster 2021.jpg

Tuning in to the Increasing Divide: How the Soundscapes of Contemporary Social Realist Media Works Inform the Brexit Movement?

Claire Gray

(University of Edinburgh)

Link to audio-visual content:

Gray BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.jpeg

Raising them Alone: Single-Parent Families in French Cinema 2010-2020

Pallavi Joshi

(University of Warwick)

QR code:

Joshi BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.png

Open Body as Entertainment: A Reader-Guided Exploration of Medical Reality TV

Agata Korecka

(Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh)

Korecka BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.jpg

"I'll Have Another Piece of Beer!"Irene Dunne, Alcohol, and Joy of Living (1939)

Ciara McKay

(University of Edinburgh)

Link to video featuring the scenes under discussion:

McKay BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.tif

Reconfiguring the 'Unruly' Woman in British TV Comedy

Laura Minor

(University of Leeds)

Minor 'Unruly' women BAFTSS PGR Poster 2

Representations of Mental Health in Documentaries 

How can production methods affect representation?

Charlie Thorpe

(Sheffield Hallam University)

THORPE BAFTSS PGR Poster 2021.jpg

Mommy's Baby

How can fans use film to create cross-temporal queer connections

Ellie Turner-Kilburn

(University of Sussex)

Turner-Kilburn BAFTSS PGR Poster